A Message to the Ramily


Thank you for your continued emotional support of our student-athletes, coaches and staff and all of our beloved WSSU.  The decision by the Board of the CIAA is the right decision for the health, safety, mental health and wellbeing of our student-athletes.  The virus continues to affect our community at a higher than normal rate, and although we have a plan and protocol to safeguard our student-athletes while participating in sports, the contact nature of sport and close proximity of team meetings, practice, workouts and competition coupled with the unknown and uncontrollable made this the right decision for the CIAA and for WSSU.   We will continue to monitor the progression of the virus in our immediate vicinity and to make decisions based on the data and the guidance of the CIAA Board, local and State entities as work on scenarios for spring 2020.  Our Cheerleaders, Men's and Women's Cross Country, Football and Volleyball student-athletes and coaches were actively preparing for this fall to represent each of you and especially need your support during this time.  Sending your child close by or away from home for school is not easy-Thank you for entrusting us to care for your children and their educational, athletic and spiritual wellbeing.  

Now more than ever they need your compassion, empathy, support and listening ear.  We will honor all new and returning scholarships-but we must also continue to look for ways to generate revenue to support the same and to a greater magnitude and to ensure that every student-athlete who walks thru the archway walks across the stage at graduation without a deficit as they begin their lives.  My goal is to be able to provide full scholarships across all teams via endowments in the next 3 years and to be able to enroll all of our student-athletes in summer school but to do so we need donors and partners-we need YOU!  You can give by joining fellow RAMS as a member of the HORN$ at various donor levels by going to www.wssurams.com/ramatized/1000_HORN-/index or you can help us GROW by texting 20GROW to 71777. 

Thank you for being true and faithful RAMS and for your consistent and ever-increasing generosity. 

We are RAM Strong!!