Student-Athlete Exit Interview

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Each year the Athletic Department conducts exit surveys of student-athletes who have completed their athletic eligibility at Winston-Salem State University. The NCAA requires these surveys and we conduct them with great interest. Through them, we gain valuable feedback about our intercollegiate programs and your athletic experience. Specifically we are interested in evaluating the following: the value of your athletic experiences; the extent of athletes' time demands on you; any proposed changes you have for intercollegiate athletics; and your concerns related to the administration of your sport.  

Each student-athlete will be kept anonymous in this process. Responses are collected by the WSSU Department of Institutional Assessment and Research and the data will be shared with The Department of Athletics.   

This survey will be confidential. Your name and responses will not be shared with any coaches.

Will you graduate this year? *
How many additional hours, outside of required practice time, did you spend on your sport per week during the in season?
How many additional hours, outside of required practice time, did you spend on your sport per week during off season?

Section B. Academics

Please indicate the extent to which you agree with the following statements:

I am statisfied with the academic advising I recieved.
I am satisfied with the academic support servicesprovided through the athletic department.
Study hall improved my academic performance.
I was informed about academic requirements and expectations.
My coach(es) expressed an interest in my academic success.
The academic advisor provided adequate advising and assistance for my academic needs.

Section C. Coaching Staff

The training rules interfered with my college experience.
I have a good understanding of the NCAA and CIAA rules and regulations.
The training rules were helpful.
My coach(es) placed unreasonable demands on my time.
The technical skills provided by my coach(es) increased my skill level.
My coach(es) took an interest in my academic performance.
My coach(es) helped me achieve my athletic goals related to my sport.
The coaching staff had good organizational and management skills.
The coaching staff had sufficient technical knowledge of my sport.

During your athletic participation at WSSU, indicate the extent to which you were subject to the following ...

Physical Abuse
Verbal Abuse
Mental Abuse
My participation in athletics helped me in the following areas (select all that apply):

Section D. Athletics

My athletic experience at WSSU met my expectations.
Women's and men's sports are treated equitably at WSSU.
Students of diverse backgrounds are treated with respect within the WSSU athletics program.
All sports programs are treated equitably at WSSU.
I was satisfied with my representative for the Student-Athlete Advisory Committee (S.A.A.C.).
The athletic training staff provided adequate service to my injuries or medical needs.
The athletic training staff were professional at all times during times of treatment/care.
The athletic training staff were knowledgeable about the medical field.

Please rate the following as they pertain to your sport.

Overall quality of athletic facilities.
Overall quality of weight training facilities.
Quality of strength and conditioning program.
Quality of athletic trainer.
Quality of student trainers.
Quality of physicians.
Quality of coach(es).
Quality of housing.

Section E. General

I have been satisfied with the athletic training I received at WSSU.
I have been satisfied with my academic experience at WSSU.
I would recommend WSSU to a high school prospect.
I will continue to support WSSU Athletics in the future.
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