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Prospective Student-Athlete Information

If you are interested in competing in intercollegiate athletics for Winston-Salem State University, please complete the form below (under the Prospective Student Questionnaire title) and submit it to the athletic program in which you are interested in participating. This form is NOT an official university application. Please be aware that this is not a secure form.

For general correspondence, you can also use the Athletic Staff Directory.

For NCAA rules and regulations prohibit coaches and administrative personnel from sending letters or electronic mail to high school students until after September 1st of their junior year in high school. While WSSU Coaches and Athletic Representatives are not permitted to write or e-mail high school students if they are not eligible per the above restriction, high school students are permitted to telephone coaches and administrators prior to the completion of their junior year in high school, but only at the high school student's expense.

Those who are freshmen or sophomores in high school are also permitted to contact the admissions office for information regarding WSSU and its academic programs. You may call our admissions office at (336) 750-2070 to obtain information on WSSU.

Winston-Salem State University Home Page

Warning: If you are a student-athlete enrolled at another four-year institution or if you have been enrolled at another four-year institution in the last year (Division I, II, or III), NCAA rules and regulations strictly prohibit us from having any communication with you, directly or indirectly, until that institution grants our institution permission to contact you. You may obtain this permission to contact the compliance office of your current or previous institution.

If you have any questions or concerns about NCAA rules and regulations or if you have eligibility questions, please contact Winston-Salem State University's Associate Director of Athletics for NCAA Compliance, George Knox at (336) 750-2146.

Incoming Student-Athlete Information

For those student-athletes who have already been accepted into Winston-Salem State University and are preparing for the first season of competition of their freshman year (or are transferring into WSSU from another institution), please click the link below (Healthcare Packet for Incoming Student-Athletes) and print the form. Please follow the enclosed directions, fill out the form and mail it to WSSU. This packet will help to minimize the paperwork that you will need to complete upon arriving at WSSU.