NeSheila Curry Washington Named Head Coach of the Powerhouse of Red & White

WINSTON-SALEM, NC - When the Powerhouse of Red & White makes its triumphant return this fall, there will be some dynamic new leadership at the helm. The program will carry on its tradition of excellence that has defined the program for decades with Mrs. NeSheila Curry Washington as its head coach. Following her career as a member of the Powerhouse of Red & White, Mrs. Washington has been a constant supporter of the program and is poised to lead it to new heights as head coach.

Since graduating from Winston-Salem State University, Mrs. Curry Washington has continued to be a standout supporter of the Powerhouse of Red & White in numerous ways. She served as the JV Cheer Coach in 2002 before taking the role as the WSSU Cheer Alumni Chapter President from 2009-16. During her time as president, she spearheaded the planning of numerous WSSU Cheer reunions during Homecoming. One such event including a record-breaking group of 117 alumni during the 2014 football season. She also served as the WSSU Cheer Alumni Chapter President from 2009-16. One of the highlighted efforts for Mrs. Washington was a joint effort with another WSSU alumna, where she helped to establish "Powerhouse Spirit Competitions" in 2013. What began as a simple fundraiser idea for the WSSU Cheer Program evolved into a National Cheer & Dance Competition with teams competing from various states, including North Carolina, Georgia, South Carolina, Virginia, and California. The event created a showcase platform for Stomp-and-Shake style cheerleaders to display their talents in an environment that celebrated them. The 2021 National Stomp-N-Shake Championships turned out to be her final event with the company before returning to her alma mater to serve as head coach of the Powerhouse of Red & White.

Mrs. Curry Washington is a 2001 graduate of Winston-Salem State University where she was a member of the Powerhouse of Red & White from 1998-2001. During this time, she cheered for a pair of Central Intercollegiate Athletic Association (CIAA) championship football teams. It was fate that she was on the sidelines during that time as one of the members of those teams eventually became her husband, Damone Washington. Currently, Mrs. Washington serves as a Project/Program Coordinator for Blue of North Carolina in the Portfolio Services and Mobilization Department. She is the mother of three children and her family has made Winston-Salem, North Carolina their home.

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